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Design for living
My background
I am in the unique position to be able to demonstrate resulting profits for my clients as a result of well designed products. See here
I provide advice to my clients on all the other aspects of taking an idea to the market: patent protection, raising finance, organising production, product promotion, Internet use, etc.
You will not be charged fees as if
you were a corporation.
My experience is of more than 35 years continuously working as a
product designer in a wide variety of fields, from toys to high
technology products.

I am highly motivated by the projects I am involved in and work to a quality management system. I believe that communication with the Client, at all stages of the assignment process, is paramount to come up with the solutions expected by the customer. Computer work files provided to the Client in several possible formats

Featured Work

  1. Title 6
    Title 6

Bicycle safety pole

iPad for medical use

Car Shelter

This product relates to safety of cyclists, especially where drivers of high vehicles, such as buses and lorries, experience difficulty seeing cyclists and people on scooters, in their proximity, at night or during the day.
There are many accidents resulting in fatalities and permanent disability due to collision with large vehicles.
The product is a visual attachment for the bicycle or scooter which brings a sign or an illuminated signal to the eye level of drivers at different heights. It increases substantially the visibility of the cyclist with vehicles all around them. This product complements the rear light of the bicycle and it can be easily removed, stored and carried by the owner in order to prevent theft.
See more about this innovative product in the case study page
The prestigious Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London, has participated in the development of this product.
This unit is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees Celsius in disinfection procedures as well as shock and immersion of up to 1 metre in water . The unit also incorporates ergonomic features to facilitate its operation by users like surgeons and nurses, such as a device to hang the unit on a bed.
Drawing from my experience working designing computers for the Army and Navy, I am able to transfer this know-how to the design of commercial ruggedised delicate products.
Sourcepro has undertaken the design task from concept to development. Quality working prototypes provided by my company.
An old client of mine approached me with the idea for a shelter specifically intended for vintage and other valuable cars. There are many owners of these cars who have more of them than they have garage space, which is already taken by the ordinary cars for daily use. With some of these cars being worth in the region of £100,000 it is certainly worth investing in protecting them against the weather, vandalism and theft.
We went through a thorough process of deciding which cars to cater for (no Rolls- Royces), how the shelter would be used, where it would be located, what access it needed, what protection it should give and the ergonomics for the user.
We worked on the design process until we decided to make a smart looking and secure shelter using strong Glass Reinforced Plastic. The result is an aesthetically pleasing, secure and strong shelter which takes no more space than a 4x4 in an area such as the driveway.

My Process to take your idea to the market

Research & Understanding
Develop the concept
Prototype for production
The initial evaluation and understanding of your product or idea are
paramount to start on the right track. Communication with you, the client, is vital to ensure that we are working on a product that will be
successfully developed.
I have heard from clients, too many times, that other consultants did not understand what their product idea was about.
Once the product concept is well understood and defined, it is time for us to work developing the concept in such a way that it becomes a
product that can become a reality. This involves looking at the functionality, appearance, materials, mechanisms, user friendliness and the like.
The constant liaison and interaction with you, the Client, remains as a most important factor in the design work.
At this stage the product concept will have been developed and it is ready for prototype and trials. Full Computer Aided Design mechanical detailing is carried out. Computer data is sent to prototype makers and
one or more fully working prototypes are made. These are used for evaluation of performance, marketing work, discussions with
manufacturers and production costings.
After the product has been approved in trials, it is time to prepare it production. The appropriate manufacturers are sourced. Liaison is carried out, with them, to discuss the manufacture, materials, tooling, parts and assembly prices. This becomes a 3 way liaison among the Client, myself and the manufacturer in order to ensure that the product is made as expected by the Client and as per the performance and quality
specified by myself.


Product types

Computer Aided Design - CAD

I am a highly experienced Design consultant, with substantial work in the fields of consumer products, office products, industrial products, defence products, design of environments, graphics for products and the web as well as bringing together creative solutions from different fields.
Added to this, I have won design awards and have worked for all types of Clients, from individuals to large bodies such as Sony, Apple, British Government, BOC and the like.
With up to date computer technology, I am able to visualise and develop your product ideas in 2D and 3D. This involves creating visual and 3D models of product concepts, detailing for mechanical performance and manufacture, rendering to design the aesthetics of the product and the management of the computer data, including back-up and organisation of the same. Computer data, renderings, Bills of materials and other data is constantly sent to you, the Client.

My activities and services

  • Concept ideas
  • Existing product re-design
  • New versions for product line
  • Full product development
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Engineering Design
  • Existing products research
  • Advice on manufacture
  • Sourcing manufacturing   subcontractors
  • Organisation of manufacture
  • Supervision of manufacture
  • Research new technologies and materials
  • Computer modelling
  • Models and prototypes
  • Prototype trials
  • Project management
  • Internet promotion
  • Advice on funding
  • Advice on patents


Feel free to send me some initial information about your product
It will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.


United Kingdom
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