Computer Aided Modelling - CAD
 Today, this is an essential part of the design and development process. It is also a tool of paramount importance for the exchange of ideas and data among all parties in the development process: you, the Client, prototype makers, electronics engineers, manufacturers and me, the Designer.
 I use advanced 3D surface and solid modelling with data base and engineering calculations . Also, my CAD system has compatibility with STL, IGES, STEP, DXF, DWG, Autocad and others. I am able to generate photo-realistic images for presentation and marketing. I have methods in place to protect the data used in the development of your product.
 Below are examples of my CAD modelling on the following stages of the development process:
  • Concept ideas
  • Design development
  • Aesthetic design – rendering
  • Engineering design
  • Specifications
  • Data for manufacture
  • Assembly instruction
  • Drawings for patent specifications
  • Drawings for instruction manuals
  • Images for web sites