Plastics engineering


I work with a wide variety of engineering and ordinary plastics as well as manufacturing processes such as injection moulding, foamed plastics, blow moulding, fabricated plastics, 3D printing, vacuum forming, Glass Reinforced Plastic and others.

I carry out the design detailing for manufacture such as draft angles, wall thicknesses, prevention of distortion, bosses, prevention of sink marks, undercuts and side cores, parting lines textures and colours.


I am able to assist the clients in organising the tooling and manufacture, locally or in the Far East, such as China.

precision Xenoy moulding

CAD assembly

Thermoplastic elastomer

GRP large mouldings

injection tool ready 3D model

CAD asembly ABS parts

Hytrel semi-flexible collapsible cup

manufacturing instruction

CAD modelling with electronics

ABS display enclosure

prototype and polycarbonate moulding

prototype and polypropylene moulding

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prototype and polycarbonate moulding