Rugged and military products

I spent many years designing computer products for the military industry: British Army, British Navy, American Army and European Armies. Their development involved a very rigorous process to work in a large team and to deadlines and procedure requirements. 

The products were subjected to very rigorous tests to comply with British Defence Standards, Naval Engineering Standards, American MIL standards and European Standards such as IP-IEC. 

The protection for the equipment, against hostile environments, included shock, vibration, under water explosion, bump, drop, high and low temperatures, temperature shock, scratch, impact, dust, water and sand ingress, RFI, Tempest and altitude.


I am able to apply the know-how, from the design of these products, in commercial markets, such as protective cases for mobile devices.

Visit these pages to learn about my contribution to the development of mobile and rugged computers in Great Britain:


computing history

handheld computer

satellite dish with handheld compute

tracked vehicle system

bump test of computer

Royal Navy ship computer

Laptop computer on the field

rugged round and sealed connectors

laptop computer rear

laptop computer with detachable keyb

computer server

portable monitor

portable monitor

portable monitor CAD

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