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Main platforms: Kickstarter and Indiegogo


A condition for product ideas to be featured in the main crowdfunding platforms is that a working prototype must be featured in the campaign. The reason for this is that people who back projects need to see that the product idea has real potential, in terms of functionality, user friendliness and marketability. They also need to see that the product is innovative (not a copy that would not be worth backing) and that it is really useful. 

This means that the inventor asking for funds needs to develop his product idea enough to make a working prototype. The product idea will have to have gone through the development process, from a concept idea to CAD development and organising the prototype. This is where I am able to help you to take your product idea to the stage where you can mount a crowdfunding campaign.


Not only this, but I am also able to complete the product development (Design For Manufacture), and to help organise the manufacture itself, once you have raised the funds from the crowdfunding campaign.

I am able to start the assistance I give you at any point during the design and development process, for instance you may have already worked on the concept for the product so I would be able to help you with the development.

These are the stages and activities where I am able help you with the design and development.


Design of products for crowdfunding campaigns

Wave presentation 1 idea 3_20171209_0004.jpg

This is the initial conceptual stage where the idea is illustrated in the form of sketches and, later, in the form of the first computer modelling. It is necessary to put down on paper as many ideas as possible, before even evaluating them.

The communication between the Client and me is essential at this stage.

Concept Design


Design Development

At this stage, the concept design has been identified for development. Research into other products in the market and in patents is carried out in order to establish what the product should be like to be unique. The Computer Aided design, in detail is carried out, including the mechanics, function and aesthetics.



Once the Computer development has been carried out, it is necessary to prove the theory and virtual design with actual working prototypes that prove the performance of the product. The prototypes represent the kit of parts, designed by computer, that make up a functional product. This is where a finished prototype can be used for the video of the crowdfunding campaign


Trials and testing

The prototypes are primarily used for carrying out checks of their performance with tests in a lab or in the field. Mostly, they are used by actual users but they can also be used for testing to rigorous standards such as mechanical performance and safety.

Warp and shrinkage.JPG

Design for manufacture

For this stage, I carry out the work to prepare the product for manufacture. This often requires liaison with the people who will make the parts of the product and assemble it. It could be one manufacturer only or a group of manufacturing subcontractors specialising in different materials and processes.



 As the manufacturing progresses, it is my job to liaise with the manufacturers and support them as well as supervise their tool manufacture, production samples, costings, quality control and assembly. I report back to the Client on the progress to make quality products as per the intended design.

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