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Many clients have let me have their kind comments about my work

If you scroll down, or make a search, I am sure you will find a product that relates to your product field.

Professional evaluation of your product idea

"excellent work, we will work with Federico again. he is extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions in a timely manner."

Ed Doherty - UK


Industrial 3D Designer for injection mold

"Frederico provided an excellent selection of designs that were thoughtful and well presented. He was transparent and a good communicator. His design ideas were well presented and easy to follow at a detailed level. We would definitely work with him again."

Samantha Magnus - Canada


Silicone additive manufacturing CAD

"Federico was attentive, responsive, and talented. His expertise was immensely helpful, and well worth the hire. Extremely pleased."

Zak Carroll - USA



Injection mold design review

"Federico has valuable expertise in injection molding and manufacturing. Grateful for his advice."

Samantha Magnus - Canada


Chess Set for Toddlers

"Super smart and talented engineer. Federico quickly picked up on my ideas and helped me manifest them into reality."

Diego Milla - USA


Prong collar (for dogs)

"Federico proved to be an asset in our product development phase. His innovative approach to product concept creation, coupled with his skill in 3D design, was nothing short of spectacular. He listened intently to our ideas and translated them into a design that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. His attention to detail and the ability to foresee design challenges saved us time and resources. The 3D renderings were vivid and precise, enabling us to fully visualize our product before production. Federico's creativity and technical expertise have been crucial to our project's success. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to bring a product concept to life."

Roman Tchelak - USA



Review design (protective case for electronic device)

"Federico did a design review of our consumer product (Multi-material plastic case for an electronics device) and did an excellent job. He has great attention to detail and thinks about things which most people wouldn't such a battery life loss due to sound muffling through the case. I would definitely work with Federico again."

Daragh Brangan - USA


 Design validation and improvement for injection molded part

"Vast knowledge and experience with plastic products and their production."

Andreas Fischer - Germany


Design 3d from an existing anchor sample (plastic engineering)

“Federico did very professional work, I really recommend it !!!”

Mecheddou Abdelhakim - Algeria


 Mechanical design of wireless device enclosure

"it was a pleasure working with Federico for the first time. He got into the project in no time, asking the right questions. it was a design for 3D print on a tight schedule and Federico committed and delivered on time. Very successful project"

Yaron Kauffmann - Israel


 Product design improvements on popular product (lunch box for children)

"Federico takes charge of a project from start to finish. He hears your idea and then is able to make it into reality. He take the time to learn the market and comes up with additional creative and valuable ideas to enhance your project. He is then able to connect you and communicate with manufactures that he has long standing relationships with. He walks you through the process from start to finish. He is an out of the box thinker and will not just copy what is already out there. He will help with new ideas for the project that add a lot of value and even that can be patented. Very patient and easy to work with and enthusiastic about your project."

Eli Bacharach – Eggssentials - USA


Designing a consumable for a diagnostic platform to be used with blood and other bodily fluids

"It was great working with Federico, he went the 'extra mile' to dive into the project and was instrumental in performing the project and coming up with new ideas. Highly recommended."

Reuven Duer - USA


Part 2 - Mechanical design of wireless device enclosure

"Federico is very experienced and it is worth listening to his advice. His design is robust and takes into account many aspects. It was a pleasure working with him and we will surely re-hire him once this project gets into production phase."

Yaron Kaufmann - Israel


Product Design Engineer needed to consult/re-design plastic baby teether

"I was looking for a product engineer to help review a product I am developing. I had a very set criteria for what I wanted reviewed. Federico gave me a full report detailing his professional opinion on all aspects of the product from design to manufacture to materials and more. He has answered all my questions and has given me the confidence to take the next step forward. Should I require further help in the future, I won't hesitate to hire Federico"

Scott Turner-Griffith - UK


3D Model needed for game design (beach game for children)

"Federico is a Swiss army knife when it comes to what you need. He does it all and he does it to the highest of quality. I have worked with Federico on multiple jobs and each time he gets the job done to the highest standard and in a timely fashion. His communication, recommendations, and advising is top notch and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get any work done."

Steven Girard -  Benji Ball - USA


CAD designer that's has expert knowledge of plastic clips needed (baby bib)

"Took my design and redesigned it to make it work better. He thinks outside the box. This is a time and money consuming process but as with everything in life you get what you pay for. Definitely worth the money and time"

Thomas Riches - UK


 Design and Engineer a Dog-training Toy

"Federico was a fantastic choice for us. He helped us go from a fledgling idea into every stage of the design process, with a functional design to send to factories. He's offered his expertise in the modeling, potential pitfalls to avoid, contracting factories for production, and patenting. He was extremely efficient and timely with his work, and provided multiple write ups detailing the design process as well as videos demonstrating the product as it evolved. I would highly recommend Federico to anyone looking to get a product onto the market."

Mark Bodenchak - USA


Urine sample collection device

I really enjoyed working with Fred on this project. He took a very rough idea and refined it into a marketable product. His technical and design expertise were invaluable. He walked me through each stage of development and adjusted the design according to feedback. Fred also liaised with the Chinese manufacturers, researched the best one for this project, and helped negotiate contract terms with them. Fred was integral to the success of my start-up business, and I look forward to our next collaboration.

​Jennifer DeMoss - Urashield - USA


​Baby incubator project management

Federico did great work for us in project management. He has good communications skills and shows dedication to work. He worked with multiple consultants and engineers in different countries and was able to coordinate work and perform project management for us.

​Amir Fassihi - Amnion Life - USA


​Military service ribbons holder

Federico was as efficient and reliable as they come. His work and communication was timely and he consistently over delivered with innovate designs that captured my desires and improved upon them in uncannily thoughtful ways. I would hire him again without hesitation and recommend his hiring to anyone.

Dakota Walker - USA


3D printed consumer product

Wow! What can a say, on all levels Federico is a professional. We chose him for a very difficult project because you can see he has a great deal of experience. Out of 20 Freelancers interviewed he was more than just pretty CAD's he knows how to take your project from concept to creation. I can't wait to work with him again.

James Bomar - USA


Bamboo coffee maker

Frederico is a world-class expert at what he does. My contract with him went very smoothly, and his innovation greatly enhanced and improved my original concept. I plan on contacting him for more work in the future.

Abraham Ojeda - USA


Sports massage product

Great work, prompt response and seems like an all round good guy with a great work ethic. Definitely recommend.

Tom Walker - UK


Personal Hygiene product

Federico is an excellent freelancer who takes the time to truly understand the needs of clients.

Nate Suppaiah - Capricorn research - USA


Review design of moulded enclosure for player (mobile phone adaptation)

Federico did a design review of our consumer product (Multi-material plastic case for an electronics device) and did an excellent job. He has great attention to detail and thinks about things which most people wouldn't such a battery life loss due to sound muffling through the case. I would definitely work with Federico again.

Daragh Brangan - Goally LLC - USA


Range of office computers

I have dealt with Source Product Design for very many years now and they designed a number of microcomputer products for us. These included desktop PCs and tower multiprocessor units.

The design process was efficient and flexible and the items that were manufactured won awards and received excellent reviews in magazines.

The designs not only looked good but also functioned well and were easy to assemble.

Anthony Harris - UK


Ladies' bags

Fred has been exceptional to work with both in terms of practical help in translation of my vision into a working prototype which accurately reflected my vision. I have been extremely lucky to find someone who is professional, very responsive and very creative in translating an idea into a finished model.

Catherine Kane - UK

Bicycle Safety Pole

This product is born out of experience for the more vulnerable road users to rightfully claim the attention they need when sharing the road with high sided vehicles and heavy traffic.

Robin Vaughan - UK


Protective case for Smart phone

Great to work with. Very professional and responsive. Would hire again

Jenya Abakumov - USA


Cell phone car detector

Sourcedesign has been a beacon of assistance for me. My background is not in product design but sourcedesign has taken me step by step with patience and understanding of the process. I have been guided to questions and situations that I did not know to ask. My experience with sourcedesign has been wonderful, professional and time critical. To sum this up, I would without hesitation use sourcedesign again, as I do plan to. If your looking for a timely, no drama contractor than you need look no further.

John McDonald - USA


Powered Auto-tightening Shoe Project

A pleasure to work with, knowledgeable and patient.

Blakebevin - USA



Infra-red Pen nib

Of great assistance to us during our first project requiring CAD use. Very quick and professional.

ScholarDave - Infrared Pens LLP - UK


iPad case

A very professional provider who managed to turn my vision into a 3D model, as well as provide expertise and advice to the injection moulding process. Exceeded my expectations. Provided concise milestones and hit them each time while managing to stay within budget. I would highly recommend and I will be using SourcePro again.

Gerardaus - USA


Stereo Earpiece design

First time working with this company but they did great work. I will use them again. Stuck to a very fast schedule and delivered what I needed.

M. Dyer - MWM Acoustics - USA


Protective case for a deck of playing cards

Extremely satisfied, sourcedesign went above and beyond my expectations and spoiled me for choice with their artistic designs, and is even now helping me discuss details with manufacturers from China! Highly recommended, great job!

XCMeijin - USA

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