Engineering Design 

Because of my background working for the engineering industries, such as in defence equipment, I have an engineering background which allows me to engineer the products I design for functionality and manufacture. I am able to design and produce CAD models and drawings to standards, with tolerances and specifications.

I also know how to comply with standards, such as FDA, ISO, Defence, British and others, including CE marking.

I work with a wide variety of materials (plastics, metals, wood and synthetic rubber such as silicone) and manufacturing methods for them. 

I have a basic knowledge of electrical and electronics engineering and I often collaborate with engineers in these fields to design successful products.

cooling and environmental protection
design for harsh treatment
aluminium in various forms
geometrical and mechanical design
electronics product
electronic enclosure
sheet metal design, rugged
design with engineering plastic
design for injection moulding
CAD model for 3D printing
CAD precision engineering