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This is a product area that has the largest variety of product types including toys, domestic appliances, mobile communications, vehicles, safety products, furniture and architectural elements. I have worked on all these areas and more.

 The consumer products field is the most versatile in the range of materials and manufacturing process that can be used of these products. I have worked on moulded plastics of several types, machined metals, Glass Reinforced Plastic, wood, glass, moulded rubber and carbon fibre materials.

This is also an area where most individual inventors have ideas and where I have helped several of them to develop their ideas through Computer Aided Design, prototyping and organising manufacture.

bicycle pannier-trolley
bicycle pannier
mobile phone case
Lego kit
Lumina lamp
construction toy
iPad cover
coffee maker
intruder detector
Toy torch
storage heater
storage heater
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