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Baby and child products


Here are examples of my projects for babies and children. As they are normally made of plastics, there is also information about my expertise designing with plastics. Click where there is a link giving more information about the project.

baby teether 2
open with baby

This project involved deep knowledge of plastics materials in terms of performance, properties, compliance and manufacture.
The teether is attached to a baby bib so that the bib serves a double function.

This product is intended for parents who need a portable seat for their baby and which is adaptable to items such as playground equipment. It can also be used for allowing the baby to sit up on a picnic or a similar occasion. It is intended to be manufactured in blow moulded and injection moulded plastics .

A new product with an innovative method to tighten or loosen up the bib around the baby's neck. It also allows for easy engagement and removal of the clip, with one hand. The project includes organising its manufacture in China with a selection of environmentally friendly materials.

Intended for small children, it has a number innovative features and is manufactured with quality plastics. It has an efficient method to seal the internal compartments.

This product is intended for girls to apply bling to their hair and to toys such as dolls hair and dresses. It comprises a replaceable cartridge with bling items. Made with quality plastics. 

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