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As part of my full commitment to help my clients take their product ideas all the way to manufacture, I offer the service to source manufacturing subcontractors, gather quotations, discuss the manufacture, organise it and supervise the same.


I deal with a wide variety of materials and manufacturing methods including injection moulded plastics and rubbers, Aluminium die castings, sand castings, investment castings, sheet metal, machined plastics and metals, vacuum formed aluminium, pressed metals and many others. We source and liaise with the appropriate manufacturers for the product; this includes obtaining manufacturing costings, supervising tool manufacture, exchange of computer data and checking of production samples.

As well as this, I can liaise with various types of manufacturers, they could be your own or subcontractors or those of s company to which you licence the product IP. My job is to help them with the design of the parts and assembly to facilitate manufacture and reduce time scales and cost, supervise the tooling, check production samples, check assembly and verify the whole assembled product for performance and functionality.




In recent years I have had numerous requests for assistance to have products manufactured at lower costs. This has led me to establish contacts with manufacturers in China, for economy of production. This is part of my commitment to take a product idea all the way from concept to manufacture.


I am able to organise injection moulding tools, production mouldings, sheet metal parts, die castings, leather goods, fabricated parts, assembly and other production methods.





My work on organising manufacture is methodical and as supported by documentation which allows my clients to keep tack of my and the manufacturer's work.


Documents that would be utilised, in support of the project include: Quality Statement, Design project management, Progress reports, Bill of materials, Part check report, Drawings list, Manufacturing costs tables, Modifications notifications, Specification sheets and expenses reports (travel, bought components, etc.)

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