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Lunch box for children 

Innovative product for children. The box has a new type of gasket to prevent spillage from the compartments, which allows the parents to give the children food in liquid form, such as yogurt, ketchup and salad cream. Other lunch boxes in the market that claim they seal the compartments in the food tray have problems such as mould growth, the gasket getting stuck in the compartments and spillage resulting from gaps in the gasket.

Another new feature is a handle that prevents the box from opening and the food falling on the floor (or the child!) if he/she forgets to fasten the latches before carrying the box. When the handle is unfolded for use, it snaps on the base thus preventing the cover and base from separating when the box is lifted.

The product was developed from the very concept to organising the manufacture through CAD design, prototyping, testing and designing for injection moulded plastics.

Client feed-back:
Federico takes charge of a project from start to finish. He hears your idea and then is able to make it into reality. He take the time to learn the market and comes up with additional creative and valuable ideas to enhance your project. He is then able to connect you and communicate with manufactures that he has long standing relationships with. He walks you through the process from start to finish. He is an out of the box thinker and will not just copy what is already out there. He will help with new ideas for the project that add a lot of value and even that can be patented. Very patient and easy to work with and enthusiastic about your project.

Manufactured lunch box
Production unit
Colour range
Internal trays with removable microwave tray
Removable internals for washing
Concept sketch
CAD design and rendering
Final version render
Detailed CAD design
First 3D printed prototype
3D printed prototype
Machined vacuum cast prototype
Prototype for testing
Testing gasket efficiency
Gasket testing

Internal trays with removable microwave tray and gasket. These can be washed individually so as not to have to wash the whole lunch box. 

Concept ideas stage

CAD development and rendering

First 3D printed prototype

Machined prototype for testing

Gasket efficiency tests

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