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Design with injection moulded plastics

  • I offer services designing injection moulded products and designing for manufacture products already in development.

  • SECTORS: I work in several fields: Consumer (kitchen products, toys, baby products, pet products, tools and electronic devices), office use, industry, transport, medicine and even military products.

  • MATERIALS: I have expertise and work with a variety of polymers: Thermoplastics, Thermosets, Engineering plastics, Silicone and Synthetic rubbers in several grades and types.

  • SPECIFICATIONS: I do the engineering for the parts to be manufactured. I issue CAD files for production. I specify the materials for each part and issue assembly drawings. I detail all features: parting line, avoiding sink marks, draft angles, textures, colours, materials, hardness, etc.

  • ENGINEERING: I carry out Finite Element Analysis, on the parts, for mechanical performance, mouldability, detection of distortions and sink marks.

  • PROTOTYPING: I can organise 3D printed prototypes and I assemble and test the prototypes.

  • MANUFACTURE: preparation and organisation of manufacture. CAD data and Bill of Materials. Quotes for manufacture. Mould manufacture supervision Liaison with manufacturers. Checking manufactured samples.

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