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Car Shelter


An old client of mine approached me with the idea for a shelter specifically intended for vintage and other valuable cars. There are many owners of these cars who have more of them than they have garage space, which is already taken by the ordinary cars for daily use. With some of these cars being worth in the region of £100,000 it is certainly worth investing in protecting them against the weather, vandalism and theft.

We went through a thorough process of deciding which cars to cater for (no Rolls-Royces), how the shelter would be used, where it would be located, what access it needed, what protection it should give and the ergonomics for the user.

We worked on the design process until we decided to make a smart looking and secure shelter using strong Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP). The result is an aesthetically pleasing, secure and strong shelter which takes no more space than a 4x4 in an area such as the driveway. These pictures show its design process.

Car shelter open
car entry
car show
access to shelter
driver access
CAD rendering
CAD visualisation
first wooden model
first wooden model
prototype 1
mechanical design
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