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DFM - Design for manufacture


As an important part of my service to help clients take their products from concept to manufacture I carry out a comprehensive exercise in designing the parts of a product ready for manufacture. This is done with computer analysis, testing, engineering data and production samples checking.

I cover several manufacturing methods and materials, such as injection moulded, vacuum formed, fabricated and cast plastics, sheet Aluminium and steel, Aluminium, zinc and steel die and gravity castings, wood, plastic and Aluminium extrusions and the like.

The engineering data, such as tolerance specifications, is specific to each type of materials and the manufacturing method.  

Draft analysis
Undercut analysis
Warp and shrinkage
2D tolerancing
Liaison with tool maker
Moulded sample check
Shock tests
Plastic grades tests

Use of advanced SOLIDWORKS CAD software

Draft angles and parting plane analysis for injection moulding

Undercut analysis for injection moulding

Mould flow, shrinkage and warp analysis

Liaison with toolmaker

Dimensioned 2D drawing with specifications and tolerances

First plastic moulded samples quality checking

First plastic moulded samples shock tests

Comparative materials analysis

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