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This is an innovative protective shield to protect against airborne viruses, such as COVID-19. It allows for flexibility of use, with or without a mask, as an eye shield only or full face shield.


Its design allows the user to lift or lower the bottom part of the shield to easily convert it between full face and eye shield. The spherical design of the shield allows it to go around the face in order to block as much of it as possible. A seal on the forehead, which doubles up as a cushion for comfort also provides sealed protection on upper part of the face.

The product is intended both for medical staff and users such as those who serve the public. It is meant for people who wear it for extended periods of time to get comfort by changing its mode of operation and wear it with things like glasses, face masks and eye gear for surgery. The adjustable distance to the face allows the user to move it to accommodate the eye gear they need.


Face shield

Full face shield
Folded as eye shield
Lifted while not in use
Lifted folded or extended
Adjustable for different head sizes
Concept design
Functional design
CAD Development
CAD development
First 3D printed trial model

Lower part of shield lifted in eye shield mode

Moved out of the way, for comfort when needing to speak clearly or take a break

It can be moved out of the way from the eye shield position

Adjustable for heads of different sizes

Concept drawings

First 3D printed trial samples

Computer Aided Design development

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