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iPad for medical applications

Rugged enclosure for the iPAD in hospital use. The product is immersible in water, resistant to sterilisation by using hot steam, resistant to chemicals used in hospitals, resistant to impact by drop and shock and resistant to abrasion. Injection moulded engineering plastics and Gorilla glass.

The prestigious Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London, has participated in the development of this product.


This unit is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees Celsius in disinfection procedures as well as shock and immersion of up to 1 metre in water . The unit also incorporates ergonomic features to facilitate its operation by users like surgeons and nurses, such as a device to hang the unit on a bed.


Drawing from my experience working designing computers for the Army and Navy, I am able to transfer this know-how to the design of commercial ruggedised delicate products.


I was hired from concept to development. Quality working prototypes provided by myself.

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iPAD medical
CAD rendering
hand strap
attached to bed
hand strap
patient using product
CAD Design
mechanical design
3D printed parts
finished prototypes
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