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Sample collection aid

This is an innovative product intended to assist women and children in providing urine samples for analysis. The product is a funnel that can be attached to most cups intended for the collection of samples. It helps direct the urine towards the cup avoiding spillage and disease if the urine is contaminated. The product is disposable and is made of a biodegradable compostable plastic following the policies of hospitals and other places for environmentally friendly disposable products. I worked from the very product concept, through development and prototyping to organising the manufacture in China. Constant liaison with the client has been essential for the correct development of the product.

Injection moulded product in PLA
product with sample cup
colour for use by children

Client feed-back

I really enjoyed working with Fred on this project. He took a very rough idea and refined it into a marketable product. His technical and design expertise were invaluable. He walked me through each stage of development and adjusted the design according to feedback. Fred also liaised with the Chinese manufacturers, researched the best one for this project, and helped negotiate contract terms with them. Fred was integral to the success of my start-up business, and I look forward to our next collaboration.

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